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A contemporary design style ornamental encrusted metal on painted wood that can compliment any interior design style.

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A design metal ornament Joined together with a rock

This contemporary design of metal cut by a laser joined together to different rocks that will suit any decorating need.

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Remember you have a choice of design style, color and size

Also can be used for Exterior Decorations: Patios, Around Swimming Pools, B.B.Q and more!!!

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Design in metal with semi-precious stones

The design is cut out of metal by laser and joined together with a rock encrusted with small semi-precious stones to give the Art Piece Amazing splendor.

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Free “Maman Coat of Arms” with the purchase of any metal design.

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This company solely operates in Canada with proud Canadian values.

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100% satisfaction behind all of that works.

About Abel Maman

Abel Maman – Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and currently residing in Toronto, Ontario in our wonderful Country of Canada for the last 27 years. I don’t consider myself a typical artist but a creative innovator of an old-style, sometimes feels forgotten; in a new expressive form of the human body.

The designs are mostly focused on the female for which is the base for my inspiration and also the male form, the man who is constantly looking for that better half. The Half that completes us. Naturally that love that I feel it is the one that i would like to communicate to everyone else around me.

The human race, like the encounters that produces amongst us bit and pieces of harmony that keeps us united spiritually leaving us feeling a sense of completeness. From my sincere heart, I truly hope you enjoy my vision, my form of expression.

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After many years of work and hundreds of designs,
finally they are coming to light.

The art is remodeled and perfected into a software system, then introduce into a water jet cutting system, this brings the art to life. Welding parts together and giving it a treatment of corrosion, then it goes through a detailed paint job that amplifies the splendor of the Art piece in wonderful colors.
Then the last, the frames are chosen together with different textiles, comes an exceptional work of art.
All realized here in Toronto, Canada. Thanks

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The base inspiration for arts are mostly focused on the female and man who is constantly looking for that better half.

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